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A New Year Starting at Bronhaul, 2016

Bronhaul is just beginning to see Spring arrive, and like us all, we are delighted to find each bulb shoot appearing and every daffodil opening.

As for many, it’s been a long, mild, but wet winter and that leaves it’s mark.The stream is full and fast moving, and the ducks are VERY happy! Most importantly, we have been fortunate enough to have no flooding.We have been able to welcome a gentle stream of guests, some of whom have sampled the cottages for the first time and want to return once spring has sprung , while others are second, and third timers, knowing they will be cosy, comfortable and have plenty of places to visit and things to do, whatever the weather.

The animals have fared well, in spite of the wet, and we have an increasing herd of goats , with the kids born last Easter, thriving ,and hopefully, three nannies in kid and ready to produce from March onwards.We have four piglets growing well, many hens providing eggs(there was the usual few weeks when the eggs were few and far between and we did miss them!),and then, the horses and cows are probably impatient for the longer, sunny days as much as we are.

The vegetable patch is squelchy, but is still producing some veg for us while we get other beds ready for this year’s growth.

The woods continue to progress, with brush and dead wood being cleared to help the new trees and bluebells etc. take charge, and we are working on developing more sitting areas and points of interest.for those exploring the paths through both woodland areas.

Then we have the prospect of a bell tent or two! This year we will be offering the first bell tent as accommodation to a few, to get their views, ideas and feedback with a view to offering them for those who want to enjoy the outdoor life more completely!

So, should you want to enquire more about Bronhaul Farm , the accommodation, places to visit etc., please don’t hesitate to E-mail, or phone and we will be pleased to help.

Best wishes for this 2016 ahead….hope we get to see you.