Bird Watching Holidays in Carmarthenshire

Swallows and housemartins ducking and from building to building is an image that has become synonymous with Bronhaul Farm summer life. They come and go with the changing of seasons, returning to their nests year after year. It’s a sign of good luck, according to Welsh folklore.

Image by Bridget Coila

Image by Bridget Coila

They are but two of many bird species that live and nest in the buildings, wetlands, hedgerows and woodlands of Bronhaul and the surrounding area. Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire are a treat for the bird watcher’s eyes and ears.

Only yesterday, we spotted a family of young wild ducklings among the rushes on our pond. We fear for their survival, though, with cormorants and sparrow hawks regular visitors! Red kites can often be spotted above the farm play fighting in the sky with the pesky blackbirds, who enjoy tormenting the birds of prey.

We were enjoying a barbecue in the early summer sunshine, and watching the next farm cutting their sileage back in June, when we were treated to six red kites riding the thermals above our heads, waiting for what prey the tractors might uncover in the long grass. What a sight!!

The presence of the Red Kite here is a remarkable story of recovery. Although protected by Royal decree in medieval times, Red Kite numbers really suffered in the first half of the twentieth century, and were confined to the remote valleys and uplands of Wales.

Image by Tony Hisgett

Image by Tony Hisgett

With dedicated conservation work by organisations like the Welsh Kite Trust, the numbers have been restored. The red kite has even been voted Wales’ favourite bird. It is fantastic news for the local area. Ten years ago it was rare if we ever saw red kites at Bronhaul!

If you are not content watching them soar from the comfort of your decking at the farm, visit the Red Kite Feeding Station in Llanddeusant near the Brecon Beacons, where you can witness the daily event that is feeding time up-close!

The WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre is fantastic for observing all manner of wildlife at close quarters from a bicycle, canoe or on foot. It has a huge variety of particularly spectacular bird life nesting and feeding amongst the reeds. It even releases daily reports online of bird sightings in the extensive wetland.

Twitchers are attracted from all over the UK to witness the migrating seabirds of Pembrokeshire in particular. Kittiwakes, razorbills, guillemots and peregrine falcons can all be seen off Castlemartin and Ramsay Island, while puffin colonies can be observed on Skomer Island.

Image by gklyne

Image by gklyne

Our cottages at Bronhaul Farm are the perfect base for observing birdlife, on your doorstep or further afield, so pack your binoculars and book a bird watching trip in southwest Wales today.

As we look out of the window, the swallows are soaring high into the air. If we were superstitious, we’d say good weather was on the way….

The Pembrokeshire Bird Group are holding their 30th Annual Bird Conference at Pembrokeshire College in Haverfordwest on 23rd November 2013. There will be a wide range of talks covering both local and international birding issues. Tickets are £15, including lunch. Book your accommodation with us today!