Looking forward to summer at Bronhaul

So here we are on the hottest day of the year so far! The summer has finally arrived, and though today might be the hottest day so far, we are fortunate enough that the sunny, warm days have far outnumbered the rainy, dull ones.

Long summer evenings have allowed us more weeding time and provided a chance to enjoy the woods and the new Wetland Walk.


The Wetland is an area next to Coed y Ddwr Woods and is quite marshy, with large parts of natural growth. We have been working hard to restore the balance of reeds, wild flowers and plants that complement the wetter ground, which we are delighted to say has really started to take shape over the last month.

We have also been focusing our attention on making grass paths through The Wetland and have cleared the little stream running from the pond. This flows down to the main stream that follows a course through the woods. The walk then takes you to the pond, now with a variety of ducks in residence, providing beautiful views and a number of tranquil places to sit and relax. The woodland tracks are now well established, as is the vegetable garden, giving our guests more places to explore and enjoy than ever before.


The vegetable garden is continuing to thrive and this year we are growing as much as last year, but in a more efficient way in less space. This has meant we’ve been able to create an extra paddock which is now home to our two new saddleback piglets!


We have also welcomed into the fold two new goat kids who were born in June to Morag. She is a good mother and they are doing well. Other new additions include twelve chicks, hatched by a very resourceful mother hen, who wisely hid away under the clematis carefully nurturing her new brood! Egg production is steady at the moment and the freezer is full of pork, enabling us to keep our guests happy with our wide selection of pork products including different types of cuts, Welsh faggots and our bestseller – sausages! The cottages have continued to be busy, and after having a couple of friends try out the newly erected bell tent, we are very happy with their feedback….so far so good!

If you want to contact us about any aspect of Bronhaul, please feel free. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing with you all that Bronhaul has to offer.