Spring Is In The Air! New Life At Bronhaul Farm

We might be facing the worst storms in 50 years, but spring is in the air here at Bronhaul!

The Southwest has been battered for the past six weeks with storm after storm. The UK is experiencing the worst flooding for decades, and parts of the coast have been utterly destroyed.

Our hearts go out to all those suffering with flooding and damage to property and the poor farmers who face losing their livelihoods.

While outside the wind and rain has been battering the farm, in the warm and cosy sheds new life has arrived in abundance!

First came the goat kids. Our two nanny goats both gave birth to a beautiful set of twins. They are the cutest little characters, and grow more playful and mischievous by the day!


In the incubator, eggs have been hatching in quick succession, and we now have 7 chicks keeping warm in the boiler house, ready to join our flock of hens in the summer time. Nothing makes you feel more spring-like than seeing a chick break out of its shell, and see the world for the first time!

Our 17-year-old son Patrick has a small flock of sheep, and is in the throws of lambing at the moment. 4 little lambs have been born so far. The births have all been straightforward, and the ewes are performing their motherly duties well. Soon they’ll all be frolicking around on grass!


Our cows are expecting calves any day now, and so the additions will keep coming! It has been a great source of entertainment watching the young animals find their feet. We welcome any of our guests to come and watch, pet and feed the baby animals. Kid’s love it! So if you want a family holiday with a real farm experience, then give us a call today!

It already feels like spring in the sheds, let’s hope it’s not too long before we start to feel it in the weather too!

** For more photographs of our farm animals, please visit our Flickr page**